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Who loves Cabo?!

Our newest offering is a stupendous oceanfront villa even Jimmy Buffett would envy. Discover what awaits eight very fortunate shareholders!



We’ve Closed on Watercolor, Florida!

But there’s still one share left for a final family to get in on this spectacular $3 million gem. Are you the one?

Secured Investment

Considering buying a vacation home or making a fractional ownership investment? You owe it to yourself to look into our collective asset ownership model. For less than the deposit on one place, you become an equity owner of multiple stunning homes in exceptional locations.

Investment Overview

Superlative Experiences

True luxury goes beyond magnificent vacation homes, spectacular places and lavish services. It is the gift of being in the moment, — of living in a manner that inspires and transcends. This is what we are committed to providing you every time you travel to one of your many residences.

Experience Overview

Remarkable Properties, Sensational Destinations

LifestyleOne is a collection of $1M to $2M luxury vacation homes. As a collective asset owner, the greatest experiences along the Eastern seaboard, the West Coast and beyond, are at your beck and call.

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