You would love to own a dream vacation home. Yet how can you justify paying for and maintaining a property you’ll only use about 30 days a year?

Introducing My Vacation Home LLC, the affordable, sensible, and sound ownership model that can put you in your dream home for a fraction of the cost.

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This is Not a Timeshare or Fractional Offering.
It is True Vacation Home Ownership on Your Terms.

Since 2013 Lifestyle Asset Group has been a pioneer in Collective Asset Ownership, where you, along with just five to seven other investors, enter into a limited real estate partnership to own debt-free a luxury property for 12.5% – 16.66% of the ownership costs. If you love vacationing in magnificent settings, My Vacation Home LLC may be the right investment for you and your family.

Your Investment is Also Your Key to
Worldwide Travel Privileges

Through a ground-breaking agreement, Lifestyle Asset Group is privileged to provide investors with an exclusive membership to Elite Alliance, a private travel program not open to the public. Elite Alliance offers more than 100 luxurious vacation properties in the world’s most prestigious destinations.