Welcome to Pali Moana, Your Private Awe Inspiring Estate on the Beautiful Island of Kauai

Lifestyle Asset Group invites you to own and enjoy a share of this lavish $10 million estate property on the North Shore. Through a proven shared investment model that is more sensible than fractional ownership, you will own and enjoy this sensational vacation home debt-free with a select group of investors, at a fraction of what it would cost to own it outright.

An Affordable and Sound Investment

  • Lower acquisition and operating costs
  • Your capital is secured by the property, paid for free and clear
  • Zero-hassle ownership and personal concierge services
  • Defined exit strategy in 8 years with no resale hassles
  • Participate in any upside when the property is sold

48 Weekly Shares Are Available

Choose the investment level and number of weeks use per year that is right for you and your family.

$227,000 LLC Capital Contribution per week

$6,250 per week in annual fees*, paid quarterly


  • 2 weeks per year: $454,000 capital contribution, $12,500 annual fees
  • 3 weeks per year: $681,000 capital contribution, $18,750 annual fees
  • 4 weeks per year: $908,000 capital contribution, $25,000 annual fees
  • 6 weeks per year: $1,362,000 capital contribution, $37,500 annual fees
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A Lavish Estate. A Luscious Sanctuary.

This incredible Kauai luxury estate is in the gated, quiet, secure Seacliff Plantation adjacent to Kilauea Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse.
Sitting on 3 acres, with panoramic ocean views, Pali Moana is a modern classic, created and built with an artisanship that fuses nature with lifestyle. This concept is beautifully executed throughout and crafted to echo clean lines, a purposeful use of natural finishes and effortless transitions from space to space.

Kauai’s temperate climate allows you to blur the line between inside and out by having walls of glass simply disappear. Designed specifically as a gathering place, Pali Moana encircles a tropical oasis where you’ll find one of the largest private pools in Hawaii set within a lush 3-acre boutique resort-like setting.

The feature-rich property has all of the amenities expected from a turnkey estate of this caliber thoughtfully arranged throughout 7,000 sq. ft. of living area. In addition, ownership in Pali Moana will allow you to enjoy exclusive access into the Crater Hill Bird Sanctuary with amazing views of Bai Hai and beyond!

Home Highlights

  • 7,657 sq ft
  • 5 beds 7 baths
  • In the Seacliff Plantation adjacent to Kilauea Wildlife Refuge and Lighthouse
  • Situated on bluff overlooking Kahili Bay and beyond
  • Master bedroom suite with ocean view whirlpool tub/ steam shower
  • Gourmet kitchen with all stainless appliances
  • Home theater/ media room with wet bar.
  • 5 guest suites
  • 100+ foot tropical rock pool w/ swim up Bali style bar
  • Large waterfall grotto/tunnel water slide
  • Separate ocean view spa
  • Pocket doors for indoor-outdoor living
  • Fully stocked koi pond
  • Fireplace

Photos from the North Shore, Kauai


Who We Are & Our Collective Asset Model

This is not a time share or fractional offering. This is an investment model that is changing vacation home ownership for the better.

Since 2013 Lifestyle Asset Group has been a pioneer in “collective ownership”, a proven model where you, along with a small group of like-minded investors, own debt-free a luxury vacation property, with each investor only paying their share of the ownership costs. If you love experiencing coveted destinations in complete luxury, this is your opportunity to own and enjoy one of the most extraordinary real estate properties to ever be offered.

  • A Limited Liability Company is created to buy the property
  • A limited number of investors are admitted into the LLC
  • Ownership costs and usage are shared
  • Equity and potential for return on investment
  • Voting and shareholder control
  • Access to sister LLC residences and more than 100 additional five star properties through an exclusive travel club partnership.

A Defined Exit Strategy with 85% of Gains Split Equally Among Shareholders

The greatest advantage of our Collective Asset Ownership model is the defined exit strategy. Unlike typical fractionals that end up trying to sell at some unknown later date at a material loss of the original purchase price, Pali Moana will be sold at its highest value in eight years. At that time, each shareholder will receive back their capital contribution, and then rewarded with shares of the net gains of the property value during the LLC term.

The Power of Compounding Appreciation

The chart to the right shows the potential growth of your 8 year term of the LLC. Even the most conservative projection provides for a substantial equity share.

4% appreciation rate for 8 years:
$13,548,834 property value

5% appreciation rate for 8 years:
$14,626,809 property value

6% appreciation rate for 8 years:
$15,779,096 property value

“Unless you wish to own a second home outright, no other luxury second home ownership model and management company will work harder for your best interest.”

-Mark T, current investor

There’s much more to explore!

If this one-of-a-kind investment opportunity resonates with you and your family we encourage you to request more information about Pali Moana before the shares are spoken for.

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