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You are invited to earn 3 to 4% commission by simply introducing our luxury real estate partnership opportunities to your clients.

The real estate partnership model:

Lifestyle Asset Group offers a proven, affordable and sensible investment model in the form of a partnership. Small, select groups of like-minded buyers come together to collectively own and enjoy a second home.

This is not a timeshare or fractional offering. This is luxury vacation home partnership; an affordable and sound investment model that is changing second home ownership for the better.

Here is how it works:

  • A Limited Liability Company is created to buy the property
  • A limited number of investors are admitted into the LLC
  • Investor capital is 100% secured by the property with no debt
  • Defined exit strategy in 7 to 8 years where everyone’s investment is returned, plus their share of any appreciation
  • Zero-hassle ownership and personal concierge services
  • Fair and flexible reservation policies
  • Option in most properties to receive rental income for any unused weeks

Who it’s for:

Many of the buyers in your database desire to own a second home in a destination they enjoy. And while they can afford it, they often decide not to because they can’t justify paying the cost and dealing with the upkeep to use the property only 4-6 times per year.

What you do:

Introduce your clients to this partnership model and the property/destination that is of interest to them. For those who raise their hand to learn more, we will assist in educating both you and your client about this smart and sensible way to own a luxury vacation property.  Working closely with agents is our focus. It is YOUR client; we are here to support you.

What you receive:

Depending on the specific property, for each client that becomes an investor, we pay you 3% or 4% commission on their final investment price. For example, in a $6 million property with 6 investors each paying around $1 million, a 3% commission would be $30,000 per client investing. And the best part is, you can refer with confidence knowing the investors we have brought together since 2013 give glowing reviews about the model, our travel services and property management, and their vacation experiences.

How we support you:

For absolutely FREE, we create your marketing material, email copy and your own branded website for each property, so you can introduce vacation home partnership opportunities directly to your network of clients, with peace of mind that your referrals will be credited to you when you use your unique website to promote a property.

Current property offerings:

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“I was working with the Gorneys for a while and they were looking for a condo in the Watercolor area in Florida with full-ownership. We couldn’t find the space and location they wanted within their budget. So, we tabled it. I then saw the Lifestyle Asset Group’s MLS listing on the Park Row property in Watercolor and sent it to Mike. I see it as a unique opportunity for buyers to get more through this form of shared ownership,”

Matt McGuire
Scenic Sotheby’s Agent
A Luxury Vacation Ownership Option That Makes Sense
Forbes 2019

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