Kalapaki Beach Kauai

Kauai’s Kalapaki Beach Voted Best Family-Friendly Of All Kauai Resorts

According to Forbes, Kauai Marriot Resort on Kalapaki Beach was recently voted best family-friendly resort of all Kauai resorts. Coming from a source like Forbes, it’s worth looking at our Lifestyle Asset Group’s shared ownership offering in Timbers Resort, Kauai, which is located just alongside the awarded Kalapaki Beach.

Here are some facts to ponder: Consider what you receive if you book a room at the Kauai Marriott Resort for $489 per night plus those pesky and costly resort fees and taxes for a 425-square foot hotel room with a king or queen bed and bath.

Now crunch the numbers on buying a Lifestyle Asset Group private residence through our partnership offerings.

With Lifestyle Asset Group, for only $428 per night, you can own and enjoy a 2,464-square foot luxury $5 million private villa with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths, accommodating 8 guests.

You have a gourmet kitchen to prepare food, saving you even more money since you don’t have to go out for every meal, while enjoying the stunning morning sunrises daily as it rises over the Pacific Ocean

How did we arrive at $625/night? The partnership is offering 48 LLC units, where each unit equals one week of use per year. The total annual fees for the hassle-free management of the partnership and meticulous care of your home is $3,750/unit

If you invest in 4 units, your annual fees are $17,500 per year, divided by 28 nights of use = $428.

That is the value of investing in this model for a luxury vacation home adjacent to Kalapaki Bay versus renting a hotel room at a Kauai Resort.

What if you want to make Kauai an annual family celebration and need more room? Then you’d have booked at least two hotel rooms to accommodate your family. Throw in all the meals you’ll be spending island prices on at the Marriot Kauai Resort and add in at least another $1,000, that’s if you don’t splurge.

Don’t forget about the free SUV included in this offering to explore the waterfalls and beaches of the Garden Isle during your stay! The cost of a car rental is typically $600 a week. That brings the average cost for a family of 4 to an eye-opening $10,000 tab.


If a family of 4 were to stay at the Marriott for 7 nights every year for 8 years, they would spend an average of $80,000 to stay in that 425 square foot hotel room. And that’s at today’s rates.

By investing in a Lifestyle Asset Group Kauai LLC, your cost is a fixed $625/night x 7 nights over an 8-year term = $35,000, which may easily be recovered by any appreciation you receive when the home is sold.

Those Marriot rental costs can never be recovered.

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