This Anguilla Penthouse is a Smart Investment

The Four Seasons Resort Anguilla is an exceptional Caribbean vacation destination. Learn why it’s also a smart real estate investment under Lifestyle Asset Group’s shared ownership model.


The Caribbean Island of Anguilla needs no advertising. As its tourist board says, “There are islands. There are extraordinary islands. And then, there is Anguilla.”


Considered the crown jewel of the West Indies, Anguilla is truly breathtaking with its pristine, white-sand beaches and crystal clear, deep blue waters that stretch as far as the eye can see.


Voted number 1 of the Top 15 islands in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas by Travel and Leisure magazine in 2018, visitors have rightly fallen in love with this exclusive paradise. What if you could actually call Anguilla your second home and vacation here regularly?  And at a fraction of the the cost?


Lifestyle Asset Group makes this dream possible with its latest shared ownership offering…the Dorado Penthouse at the Four Seasons Resort Anguilla.


The Dorado Penthouse is uniquely designed to provide the best of both indoor and outdoor living. The 3,500 sq.-ft. living space features an open floor plan and telescoping doors that encourage easy flow to the additional 2,000 sq.-ft. exterior space. Located along Meads Bay Beach, the ocean views from the Dorado Penthouse are second to none because of the elevation. A plunge pool, outdoor kitchen and lounge areas are ideal for entertaining or simply making memories with family. See this exquisite property for yourself in this 3D walkthrough of the Dorado Penthouse Four Seasons Anguilla.


Plus, this penthouse has all the world-renowned amenities and guest services of a Four Seasons Resort. Dedicated on-site personal residence assistance for reservations and activities, a private beach club, spa, tennis courts, and ocean-front yoga classes are just a few amenities that are included in the shared ownership of this gorgeous property.


The appeal of the Anguilla location and the Dorado Penthouse property are evident, but what about the investment? Is it sound, sensible even? Yes, and here’s why Lifestyle Asset Group’s Collective Asset Ownership model makes this Caribbean penthouse a smart real estate investment:


  • Own a multi-million dollar property at a fraction of the cost

A pioneer in Collective Asset Ownership, Lifestyle Asset Group has formed a Limited Liability Company, called Lifestyle Anguilla, LLC. List price for the penthouse is $4.2 million, but the cost is shared among only a select group of like-minded investors. This model allows affordable living without the headaches and anonymity of mass investor pools typical of other vacation company’s fractional property offerings.


  • You truly own the property

Everyone who buys into Lifestyle Anguilla, LLC becomes a co-owner in the property. So, yes, this is an exquisite penthouse vacation home on one of the world’s most sought-after islands. But it is also a safe, well-managed investment through a highly reputable company. Lifestyle Asset Group hand picks the properties and is backed by years of experience sourcing not only the best and most beautiful locations, but also the smartest, luxury real estate investments.


  • A defined exit strategy

Arguably the greatest advantage of our Collective Asset Ownership model is the defined exit strategy. Unlike typical fractionals that end up trying to sell at some unknown later date at a material loss of the original purchase price, the Dorado Penthouse will be sold at its highest value in eight years. At that time, each shareholder will receive back their capital contribution, and then rewarded with shares of the net gains of the property value during the LLC term.


  • The perks of ownership without the stress of it

Reservations are simple and fair through a protocol called the Priority Reservation Process. We have significant experience in the process and can explain how it works when you’re ready. It works very well, and investors nearly always get the weeks they want. And, it is all managed through Lifestyle Asset Group’s reservation and concierge service that manages much more than your reservation. We can even stock your refrigerator in time for your arrival.


  • Experience other fabulous locations

Should you wish to exchange a week you hold at Four Seasons Anguilla for a week in any of the sister LLCs in our portfolio, you are free to do so at no additional cost. For example, if you wanted to carve out a week at the $5-million villa in Kauai, you could ‘exchange’ a week at Four Seasons Anguilla to do so, something we manage for you seamlessly and behind the scenes. We call this reservation “reciprocity” which is about 15-20% of all reservations amongst our various LLCs. It provides you more travel choices to fabulous properties and destinations. You will also be enrolled in an exchange travel club called Elite Alliance, giving you access to 100s of additional 4 and 5 star vacation homes.


  • Gain Four Seasons elite benefits

Investors in the Four Seasons Anguilla offering will be afforded the ELITE status within the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, which is of immense value. It is the highest customer rating Four Seasons gives, and it is an invitation-only level. When traveling to any Four Seasons hotel or resort worldwide, you will receive the highest levels in service and free upgrades whenever available.


  • See for yourself!

There’s so much more we can share with you about Dorado Penthouse Four Seasons Anguilla. Check out this Anguilla eBook for more details, and find out for yourself if Lifestyle Anguilla, LLC is the right investment for you. You can even test the exceptionally blue waters of this location by receiving 50% off for two nights stay at the Four Seasons, Anguilla.


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