The Two Sides of “Collective Asset Ownership”

Sound Investments

Lifestyle Asset Group has developed a truly affordable and sensible investment model that gives you both ownership in a luxurious multi-million dollar residence for a fraction of the cost, and the strongest prospect for future profitability.

LLC Ownership Structure

To invest in one of our offerings, you, along with a small select group of investors, enter into a limited real estate partnership. The LLC then purchases the residence with cash, giving you and your fellow partners debt-free, outright, and legal shared ownership of the luxury property.

True Purchase Cost and Secured Capital

The purchase price of any of our investment opportunities is the current market value and is never marked up like traditional fractionals. Your capital contribution to the purchase is 100% secured by the property that you and your fellow LLC partners own free-and-clear.

Investor Control and Transparency

Your LLC elects a managing member who provides continuous performance feedback to our management team and the LLC receives comprehensive annual financial statements so you know where every penny of your annual fees are being allocated.

Defined Exit Strategy

At the end of a six to eight year investment period (depending on the investment structure)), our management team will first offer it to the LLC shareholders. If none buy the property, the house will be sold by the local broker at its highest possible value.

Return of Capital and Potential Gains

Upon sale of the property each shareholder will receive back their capital contribution, and then rewarded with equal shares of 85% of any appreciation. Lifestyle Asset Group is compensated with the other 15%. Should the real estate value recede the 15% fee is waived.

Exhilarating Experiences

As alluring as the potential financial upside is, arguably the even greater return on your investment is the years of phenomenal vacations and priceless memories with family and friends sharing an exquisite home in a coveted destination..

A Destination to Love.
A Residence to Cherish.

Lifestyle Asset Group takes great care to select only exceptional luxuriously appointed properties in destinations that provide equally exceptional experiences and sense of community. Take a look through our current destinations to find the perfect residence and place to call your home away from home.

Zero-Hassle Ownership

Lifestyle Asset Group takes care of maintenance and management, housekeeping, paying all utilities, insurance premiums, and property taxes, and providing year-end tax return preparation and issuing K-1s. The only thing you do is enjoy every minute of your vacation.

5 Star Concierge and Travel Services

Our highly experienced travel planners and local hosts love to take the hassle out of your travels and help you to have vacations of a lifetime. So simply name what you need and we take care of it. Planned itinerary, airline tickets, stocked kitchen, tee times, tickets to the theater, guided tours, you’ve got it.

Easy and Flexible Reservation System

No one else offers as much flexibility and availability as Lifestyle Asset Group. We operate at 70% occupancy and 30% vacancy, compared to most that strive for 100% occupancy. This creates open dates for those spur of the moment decisions to getaway or even extend your vacation.

World-Wide Travel Privileges

Through a ground-breaking agreement, Lifestyle Asset Group is privileged to provide investors with an exclusive membership to Elite Alliance, a private travel program that offers access to more than 100 luxurious vacation properties in the world’s most prestigious destinations.

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