Portfolio Management

Your homes are an important investment.

Managing them is our most important job.

Acquiring, managing, and ultimately selling real estate, all on your behalf, are no small roles. And they’re ones we take very seriously. That’s why your managing staff is comprised entirely of industry veterans who bring a wealth of wisdom and best practices in the management of your properties.

But what’s equally important to the competency we bring to your real estate portfolio management is our transparency. Everything we do and every penny we spend on behalf of you and your fellow equity owners is reported to your LLC.

You will be furnished with  financial statements  of shared expenses for your LLC. These statements will be accompanied by competitive real estate market analysis of the LLC’s residences, allowing ongoing valuation of your portfolio.

In addition, you will receive reports aggregating satisfaction data from each equity owner stay and annual satisfaction surveys. Your LLC will also have a managing member elected by LLC ownership to be the voice of the owners and provide immediate and direct performance feedback to our team.

The cost of your real estate portfolio management is limited to three forms of revenue/compensation. This ensures that we have no underlying interest in the LLC’s real estate portfolio. The forms of compensation are:

  1. A one-time fee of 7.5% to cover all marketing and selling efforts and costs to secure 30 individual LLC interests.
  2. A fixed percentage of the annual fees paid by each owner.
  3. 10% of the net gains when the residences are sold in 7 years. (See exit strategy »)

The bottom line is this: the Lifestyle Asset Group works for you, managing your investment and portfolio with the up-most integrity and sense of responsibility.