Ownership Structure

If you want the most from your vacation home investment, collective asset ownership may be the right choice.

Here’s why:

  • If you decide to invest in our collection of vacation homes, you don’t become a member of Lifestyle Asset Group. You become an equity owner of your own LLC. Your LLC will ultimately include 30 select owners who own three luxury residences, each valued at $1 million to $2 million, selected for their appreciation potential, access to resort amenities, overall enjoyment and allure, and ability to resell at exit time.
  • Your LLC will purchase each residence with cash, giving you and your fellow LLC partners debt-free, outright, and legal shared ownership of all three properties.
  • Your capital contribution — far less than what you would pay down on just one of these properties — is 100% secured by the three homes you and your fellow LLC partners own.
  • At the end of a seven-year investment period (see exit strategy), sale proceeds first go to return your capital investment with 90% of the portfolio’s appreciation shared among the members of your LLC.

What makes collective asset ownership a better choice than a typical fractional ownership?

Many things. Here’s a few:

  • Instead of many people owning a share of just one home, you own and enjoy three homes.
  • The return of your capital contribution is ensured by your debt-free ownership of the homes.
  • There is a well defined and planned exit strategy.
  • There is no mark-up on the purchase price of real estate. Fractionals are typically created by developers who mark up the purchase price to make a profit on the original sale, leaving it very difficult to resell a fractional and usually always at a loss. With Lifestyle Asset Group, we are buying at today’s values, so when we sell the homes on the owners’ behalf there is greater potential to recoup your original investment plus appreciation. Learn More »

Collective asset ownership is a meaningful innovation in vacation home ownership.

The making of our shared real estate investment model required a comprehensive and extensive period of research and focus group work led by Lifestyle Asset Group’s team of industry veterans. If you’re an investor who wants not only great vacation experiences for your family, but also a secure and solid investment, we encourage you to strongly consider collective asset ownership. There is truly no other vacation home investment model on the market today that allows for getting “upside” like ours.