True Ownership

This is second home ownership on your terms. Through an LLC structure, you become a “collective asset owner”, one of 30 families who together have legal, shared ownership of three stunning east coast homes. Your capital contribution is 100% secured by the homes, which are paid for free and clear of any bank debt. 

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Investment Properties

Currently, we are offering equity ownership in LifestyleOne LLC. LifestyleOne’s portfolio includes three stunning homes, valued between $1 million and $2 million, in three coveted east coast destinations.

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Full Transparency

You are the owner and we answer to you. Everything we do to manage your real estate portfolio is reported to your LLC. Yearly financial statements and ongoing real estate market analysis and owner satisfaction surveys are but a part of what we provide.

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Defined Exit

The first question any investor asks is “When is my capital returned?” The answer is seven years. At the end of this term, there is an orderly wind down of the LLC, with the real estate sold, your capital contribution returned, and 90% of the net gains divided among the owners.

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