Reservation System

Concerned about getting away when you really want to?

Don’t be.

There is no hospitality model, fractional ownership structure, timeshare, destination club, or hotel in this industry, that offers as much flexibility and availability as Lifestyle Asset Group.

For example, most fractional vacation home ownership models strive for 100% occupancy, meaning it’s very difficult to get the dates you want to getaway. With us, we operate at 70% occupancy and 30% vacancy. This creates open destinations and dates open for those spur of the moment decisions to getaway and even to overstay on that vacation you don’t want to end.

LifestyleOne LLC owners have told us time and again our simple reservation system is one of their favorite features. You simply choose the nights and location you want to travel to, allocate your points to that reservation, and pack your bags. That’s as complicated as it gets.

Have points, will travel.

Lifestyle Asset Group uses a simple travel point system where points are distributed to you and each owner on an annual basis. Annually, each Equity Owner will receive 4,000 annual travel points which are included in your annual owner fee of $15,000. Your 4,000 points will provide you with a guaranteed 28 to 42 nights in your residences each year.

You can also use your travel points to reserve any number of nights a year in our other managed LLC’s residences, and any number of nights in Elite Alliance properties, through your reciprocity privilege. In the event you use all 4,000 points, additional points can be acquired thereafter up to 1,000 new points.

Furthermore, unaccompanied guests are welcome to use your points at most properties. Check with us which vacation homes you can treat family, friends, staff, clients, even your favorite charity to. They’ll love you for it!