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Maui is the classic Hawaiian getaway, dotted with quaint villages, artist colonies and shimmering beaches. Drive the long and winding Road to Hana, catch the jaw-dropping views at Haleakala National Park or simply kick back in your Maui vacation home and let the island vibe works its magic.

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Haleakala National Park, Maui
This amazing national park was created to protect the Haleakala volcanic area on the island of Maui. It is a magical place rich in stories of both the ancient and contemporary cultures of Hawaii’s peoples. The park also protects the delicate local ecosystem which is the home of several endangered species, some of which exist nowhere else on earth. Hike through the rainforest on an exciting expedition as you learn more about the natural environment of Maui. Go to the official website »

USS Arizona Memorial, Oahu
This memorial for all the victims of the tragic attacks of December 7, 1941 is the most visited location in Hawaii. The infamous events that occurred at Pearl Harbor changed the course of history in profound ways. Visit and help preserve the memories of those who gave their lives in defense of liberty and the homeland. Click here for more information »

Road to Hana, Maui
The famous road to Hana, also known as simply the Hana Highway, is 52 miles of winding blacktop that contains about 620 curves, 59 bridges, and engineering marvels. The entire road was carved out of Maui’s coastline using hand tools. The highway, which takes around three hours to traverse from one end to another, offers amazing views the entire way. Check out dense, tropical vegetation, white, plunging waterfalls, and pristine black sand beaches.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, The Big Island
No Hawaiian vacation is complete without a trip to the Volcanoes National Park, after all without the volcanoes, the islands wouldn’t be here. In fact, The Big Island, which is 377 square miles, is comprised entirely of natural volcanic land which provides a fertile base for the lush tropical forests that reside here. Enjoy your visit, but remember not to get too close, as many of Hawaii’s volcanoes are still very active.

Lanikai Beach, Oahu
Considered by the locals to be the premier swim beach on all of the islands, Lanikai Beach is the perfect spot for clear, clean waters with mild surf. The sand is so soft here it is often referred to as powdered sugar and the ocean breeze is absolutely perfect for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Lanikai Beach truly lives up to its names which translated into english is “heavenly sea.”

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