Los Cabos, Mexico – Vacation Home

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The year was 1535 when Hernan Cortes sailed with three galleons into a tranquil bay in the waters of Los Cabos. Soon the Spanish established a trade route from the Baja peninsula and Mexican coast to Spain. They carried tons of oriental silks, spices one way, Mexican silver and gold the other. It just so happened English pirates loved the silver and gold too. Using Cabos San Lucas as their base, they had a field day raiding up and down the Pacific coast.

Today, it’s not muskets and swords that rule. World class accommodations and pristine natural beauty do. This is how Los Cabos has become a prize more valuable than silver and gold.

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Activities & Amenities

Who goes to the very tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico without visiting the beach? Nobody, that’s who. Whether you just want to relax, go swimming, picnic with the family, rent a waverunner, or just take a romantic walk with your sweetheart, you will find just what you are looking for at the beaches of Los Cabos.

Cultural Attractions
There is a long and rich history of artistic culture in Los Cabos. Missionaries from long ago found cave paintings in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains nestled above Los Cabos. The paintings, the missionaries were told by locals, were made by a race of giant people who lived long ago. Today, the giant people are long gone, if they ever existed, but what remains is a culture rich with artists and galleries.

If you are a culinary connoisseur, you will enjoy what Los Cabos has to offer. Created from the blending of pre-Columbian and Spanish Cultures nearly half a millenium ago, today’s Mexican cuisine is renowned for its spicy flavors and crunchy textures. Plenty of fresh ingredients are mixed with chiles and exotic herbs in order to properly enhance each dish.View a list of restaurants and book your favorites!

The waters that surround Los Cabos are home to more varieties of big game fish than there are days of the year. There are more than 500 charter fishing vessels that would love the opportunity to take you and your family out for an adventure filled afternoon. Check out Minervas for great charter deals!

Today, there is a huge selection of world class courses in Los Cabos to choose from. The area is rapidly becoming known as one of the world’s premier golf destinations. Many of the courses run adjacent to the aquamarine waters of the Sea of Cortes providing for some spectacular views and challenging tee shots.

Eco Tourism
Check out the natural flora and fauna of Los Cabos with a local guide on an Eco Tour. The natural desert landscape provides all you need to have a wonderful and educational day with the whole family.

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