LifestyleOne LLC

The LifestyleOne portfolio will include six vacation homes valued at $1M to $2M each. As a collective asset owner, you can enjoy these homes for only a fraction of the investment. Whether it’s the bustle of Manhattan or the quiet sanctuary of an island paradise, the greatest experiences along the Eastern seaboard, the West Coast and beyond, are at your beck and call.

LifestyleOne Portfolio

St. John, USVI

From the unspoiled beauty of its National Park which covers two-thirds of the island, to its legendary beaches, this is the quintessential getaway for those seeking true escape.

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Seabrook Island, SC

Completely immersed in natural splendor, this coastal barrier island is home to lush maritime forest, serene marshes, pristine beaches, and beauty that will stay with you forever.

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New York City, NY

To know Manhattan, to know its soul, you must become part of it. Welcome to your home in the iconic neighborhood of Turtle Bay. You’re walking in the footsteps of good company.

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Los Cabos, Mexico

Between vermillion mountains and an endless expanse of sapphire sea lies a place of serenity and hospitality that evokes the best of Old Mexico and a proud and colorful people.

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Lake Tahoe, CA

Will it be alpine or aquatic pursuits today? Will you hike the trails or fairways? Whatever you choose sleep comes easy in the crisp, cool mountain air and panoramic splendor of Tahoe.

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Maui, HI

Admit it – you’re grinning already with anticipation. With the abundance of white beaches, waterfalls, waves, and never ending adventure, what is there not to love?

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